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Adam Driver’s Netflix Movie “White Noise” Filmed In Cleveland Heights

Cleveland Heights, Ohio-If you think you’ve seen Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, and Don Cheadle around the Severance Town Center lately, that doesn’t mean your eyes are fooling you.

The actors are in town shooting Netflix adaptations of the novel “White Noise” in a closed set of old Wal-Mart and other empty spaces in the Severance Circle. According to the city, the production crew assembles and shoots the set in an old large supermarket that closed in 2013. Filming of the film titled “Wheat Germ” began in early July in Wellington, Lorain County. Before moving to Oberlin and Cleveland Heights. Twitter account @AdamDriverFiles I recently found a movie crew in Canton.

Taken in northeastern Ohio. This is probably done in other cities, including Hiram. According to Portager, Expected to continue until autumn.